El Duende!
. . . the dark spirit pervades . . .

Daniel Morphett

Vocals, guitar, songwriter (also built this site).


1980-83 Roadie for X.
1984-91 Singer, songwriter with Craven Fops.
1990-93 Singer, songwriter with Godbotherers.
1994 Singer, songwriter with Smitten.
Soundtrack for short movie "Are you sure this hole is deep enough?"
1996 Married Nicky Baruch (ex Tactics), moved to Barcelona, Spain for 2 years. Formed a band there called Dum Dum
1999 Returned to Australia, formed duo with Christian Rosenmai called Woof!
2002 Formed El Duende

Garry Manley

Bass, Guitar


1977 - ? The 7 O'Clock Nudes - built-in cyclical obsolescence keeps us going (at least 18 'albums').
1979-80 Popular Mechanics (bass) - attempted pop (2 singles), ended up messy & dumb.
1980-82 Tactics - versions ii to iv (bass), 2 albums, burnt out, & like the Bush, regenerated later.
1983 The Ancient Greeks - 2 bashful drummers, 3 tiny twinkling guitars, with a voice.
1984 Chit Chat (bass) - months of rehearsal, no gig.
1984 - ? Juggertronics - 'studio' band : rears its monster head every 8 years...
1990 Tactics - final version (gtr) - album, 2 tours, end of story.
1992 Produced music for a stage play 'Gypsy Dance' (for children) - 8 shows.
1993-97 Hibernation in the cave of memory & method (the Nudes & the Juggers).
'99-'02 The Inside Up (bass & gtr) with Dave Studdert & Lex Robertson (from '90 Tactics) - 3 drummers this time, album, 8 gigs, 'band' disperses to the 3 corners of the earth.
2003 - The Sea Apes (gtr & ?) - evolved from the primordial slime of politics and 'entertainment'.
2003 - 2010 El Duende!

Christian Rosenmai



1999 Woof!
2002 El Duende
2005 Gilded Splinters

Virgil Reality



Recently returned from Boston USA, Sydney Trumpeter Virgil Reality has a long history with music.

Virgil started out life in the UK where he played trumpet/cornet like many youngsters in the local brass band until his family packed up and moved to Adelaide where he played in the states Youth Orchestra, Concert Band and the local 20 piece big band.

At 17 he joined his first rock bands �The Del Web Explosion� and �Plan B� playing their own shows and as support band for artists such as John English, John Swan, Mick Fleetwood, Sharon O�Niell and Pseudo Echo. From this Virgil got session gigs to play in the horn sections on stage for one off sessions with some of the touring bands. Highlights for Virgil being getting to play with Midnight Oil and Goanna two of his favourite bands at the time. He also met his pals from the Allniters: Mark Taylor, Ted Ayers and Stuart Crysell who he did some gigs with and some recording.

Moving into the comedy cabaret scene Virgil, played the character �Don Polski� (named after the Dom Polski centre in Adelaide) in Pluto in Paris and later with Spank you Very Much and then with The Cockroach Club. During this time he also wrote music for the play �The Tragical History of Dr Faustus� being performed by the La Mama theatre company.

He then went touring with Club Ska around Australia playing some of the best and worst gigs the country has to offer. A twelve month stint of booze, broads and ska.

Virgil�s experience as a session player sees him at home with both the studio and live scene; in a brass section or doing solo work. He makes a living now consulting to the media on commercial internet sites, information architecture, writes software and plays with El Duende because he just loves the band and the songs.

As Virgil says �Who cares about all this guff! Come and hear the band! You�ll be glad you did!�

Ex members (gone but not forgotten...)

John Fenton



1987-92 Crow
1991-98 Sweetlip
1995 - King Pest
1999-2003 Box Freezer Romance
2000 - Gary David
2003 Lowdorados
2003 Givegoods
2002-06 El Duende

Penny McBride

Trumpet, Flugelhorn


1993 - present Exploding Happiness
1995-97 Kaempfert Zone
1997-99 MonniPenni
1999 Vienna World
2001 - present Cannanes
2001 Hoo Ha's
2002-05 El Duende

Stephen "Hairy" O'Neil



1982-85 The Particles
1983-86 Lighthouse Keepers
1986 - The Cannanes
2002-05 El Duende (Hairy moved to Bendigo at this point in time, so while in theory he never left the band, in practice it was too far)