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mp3 of the day: Down On Fours

This is a song I wrote quite a while ago. The Fops used to play it, and it is pretty much in the style of the Fops, with a couple of changes in arrangement. I recorded this version with George in 2002, and it features a voice over at the end, and some nice keyboard riffing. There is a version on our album "Overcome" which is more fully featured, and somewhat faster, but this version has its own merits, and will give you a pretty good idea of what the song is about.

Down On Fours

You call me your emperor and you get out the claws
I show you my temper and you show me yours
With machine-like insistence you ask for what's yours
You ask for acceptance down on fours

You sleep in your armour and slam all the doors
You stir up the drama and wait for applause
You bleed in the bathroom you thrill to the cause
You thrill to the theatre down on fours

We fight till we're beaten till we're livid and raw
We fight till we're bleeding and we both know this old score
And I have no quarrels you can yell till you're hoarse
You can rest on your laurels down on fours

You whiten your knuckles I'm red with remorse
And we lose our composure with sickening force
And the walls fall about us as we get out the claws
No madman could doubt us... down on fours

Daniel Morphett

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