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El Duende!
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mp3 of the day: The Middle of Nowhere

The great Sufi mystic Rumi said "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there".

The other thing about this one is: I've never really agreed with the "Love is blind" idea, seems to me it is the other way around.

The Middle of Nowhere

There's a place where you can go…
In the middle of nowhere,
Just outside the scheme of things, in the streams of Voltaire
Just beyond the scream of wheels
Just inside the shape of things you can't seem to feel

Just beyond the veil of secrets, lives a life of intrigue
It makes you lose your make believe
And haunts you with its symmetry, and it leaves you wanting more
Yeah, it leaves you wanting more

As the time outside it trips, through the deep of night she slips
At the speed of light and shade of night, she beats a soft retreat
And you know half what you should, and the knowing does no good
And the taste of wine and columbine all combine to show you
What you know you'll find

In the middle of nowhere
Just outside the scheme of things, fortune brings you new love
And you can't get enough of the far-off gaze of true love
Just beyond the veil of dreams you see what only love has
You turn and turn and it makes you mad
It makes you know it at last

And down below there rolls a river, far beneath the cut and quiver
Down below there is a union, far beneath the surface tension
There's a place that we shall meet, far beyond the spreading streets
Right outside, the field of dreams

© Daniel Morphett

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