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El Duende!
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mp3 of the day: Sing To Me

I recorded this version with George in 2002. The guitar line on this one has been converted to horn lines on the album version, and the song has been rocked up a fair bit, but I think this version has its own spooky understated charm.

Sing To Me

Sing to me I just want to be
Overcome by the power of the way that you are
Sing to me I don't want mercy
Overcome by the dream of the way that you seem

In the light of the moon
You sigh and you swoon
All the eyes in your room

Everyone has a task to be done
In space and in time and I know this is mine
I hear the cries and the soft little sighs
On and on in the light of the dawn

At the end of the day
Your mind starts to stray
It takes you away

But don't talk any more
Don't talk any more

Just sing to me!
Sing to me!
I'm lying awake, it just won't let me be
Sing to me!
Sing to me!
I'm just lying here, building towers in your hair


Daniel Morphett

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